The process of applying for Building Regulations approval is a completely separate one to the planning permission process.

The Building Regulations are not concerned with what you are building but how it will being built.

Building Control require a full set of plans, with elevations, cross sections and structural calculations (if necessary). Building Regulations are aimed at achieving minimum standards in a building”s construction, energy efficiency , fire regulations and disability access.

The Building Regulations Explained

The Building Regulations ensure health and safety, energy conservation and the Following Information is for guidance only and is not a definitive interpretation of the Building Regulations Act. If in doubt you should contact your Local Council Department for advice before undertaking any works to your property. Feel free to download the building regulations so you can have a better idea of what is possible when building an extension.

Do I Require Building Regulations Approval?

The following types of project will require Building Regulations Approval:

  • The erection or extension of a Building including conversion of the loft space.
  • The Installation or extension of a service or fittings such as Washing and sanitary facilities, hot water cylinders.
  • Foul or rainwater drainage, replacement windows and Fuel burning appliances of any type.

Exempt Works Include the following:

  • A porch or conservatory built at ground level and under 30sqm in floor area is exempt providing that the glazing complies with the safety glazing requirements of Part N of the Regulations.
  • A carport extension, open on at least two sides and under 30sqm in floor area.
  • A single storey detached garage under 30sqm in floor area, providing that it does not contain any sleeping accommodation, and is built of substantially non combustible material and is no less than 1m from the site boundary.